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Study Spanish in Spain

Study Spanish in Spain - and your life will never be the same. Offering you beauty, fun and passion, Spain is an amazing country to explore and learn Spanish. Join us and be part of this exciting culture.

Learn Spanish right from the source and study Spanish in Spain, a country full of culture, history, nature and art. Immerse yourself in the land of tapas and wine, enjoying lively outdoor late-night conversations on a warm evening with the locals…… there is no better country for an immersion course.

Spain offers many top destinations. Pick a Spanish immersion program at one of our popular Spanish Schools. Spanish courses in Spain: a smart and fun horizon-broadening experience for everyone!



Spanish School in Malaga

The boutique school is located in the centre of Malaga, in the city's busiest area and just around the corner of the Plaza de la Constitución. The location is strategically... » read more


Spanish School in Sevilla

The Spanish school in Seville – the capital of Andalucia - is located right in the middle of Seville's beautiful city centre. The living city of breath-taking historical monuments,... » read more


Spanish School in Barcelona

The modernistic school building in the centre of Barcelona is very typical for the 19th century. You will love the garden and roof terraces to relax during one of the many beautiful... » read more


Spanish School in Cadiz

Learn Spanish in Cadiz, the oldest inhabited city in Europe in the South of Spain, founded in 1110. The school is located in Bahía Blanca, in the middle of Cadiz. It is at only 15... »read more


Spanish School in Madrid

The Spanish school in Spain's capital Madrid is located in the university district, one of the most beautiful and lively neighbourhoods, next to the Plaza de España and ... » read more


Spanish School in Valencia

The Spanish School in Valencia is housed in a fully renovated charming 15th-century Palace located in the old city's heart. With 17 comfortable classrooms with beautiful high ceilings, ... » read more

Popular Spanish Courses

Intensive Group

Intensive Group

The Intensive Spanish Group Course is ideal for students, at any level, who want to make lasting and rapid advancements in their Spanish. Students can combine 20 interactive ... » read more

Gap year

Gap years

Are you in your final year of high school or secondary education? Are you feeling burned out from the rigorous academic grind? Or maybe you need a break from whatever life .... » read more

Spanish & Surf

Spanish and surf

Have you ever thought about learning Spanish while catching some great waves in paradise? Who says Spanish classes have to be boring? Make new friends, start speaking Spanish ... » read more

Spanish & Exam

Spanish and exam

The Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera, or DELE, are official diplomas issued by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education ... » read more

Best Spanish Program for You

Spanish for Young Adults

Spanish for Young Adults

Now is the time of endings and new beginnings, time for exploration, growth and adventure far greater ... » read more

Spanish for Adults

Spanish for Adults

No matter what your interests, Spain has something for every individual. At this time in our lives, we .... » read more

Spanish for 55+

Spanish for 55+

Now is the perfect time in your life for magical travel opportunities and continuing to learn ... » read more

Spanish for Kids and Teens

Spanish for kids and teens

Kids and teens have the miraculous ability to learn Spanish fast and have a higher chance to become fluent ... » read more