6 Reasons to Travel to Spain to learn Spanish

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Reasons to Travel to Spain to learn Spanish

Now is a great moment to plan a trip to Spain. Travelling and learning a new language will bring new challenges, a chance to grow and acquire new perspectives. Learn Spanish in Spain and spend time exploring this beautiful country can be a real life-changer. Read on 6 Reasons to Travel to Spain and learn Spanish.

6 Reasons to Travel to Spain to learn Spanish

1. Travelling educates

Spain is a wonderful country filled with ancient history and fascinating modern culture. While taking Spanish lessons, you learn about Spain’s history and culture. While your Spanish lessons will take place (mostly) course during the mornings, you have the afternoons to explore the fantastic cities of Spain. You can visit cool museums of modern art, science or history, trendy and old neighbourhoods, beautiful squares and other tourist highlights.

Travelling and living in Spain is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the country, even more, when you combine your travels with a Spanish language course where you will be living for several weeks at one (or more) destinations in Spain. You will make precious memories in Spain that will last a life time!

2. You learn new things about your own personality

Whether you are travelling in a group or a solo traveller, you won’t get around meeting many new people! The Spanish language schools in Spain are a great place to make life-long friends worldwide.

Especially if you are travelling alone, you might be afraid to feel isolated at first. But that won’t last long! At the Spanish school, you will meet fellow students and like-minded travellers to connect to. And this can be so refreshing! You will be surprised about how many people you will meet from all the corners of the world, with different cultural or social backgrounds.

As you go and get to know more travellers, you will also become more aware of your own interests and preferences. Maybe today the rest of the group wants to relax, but you feel like going out and exploring the surroundings? Then you should do so. The more you travel, the more you will get to know yourself and listen to your inner voice.

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3. Step out of your comfort zone

If you don’t speak Spanish yet, coming to Spain can make you feel a little uncomfortable as you won’t communicate that well with the locals, not as you are used to in your home country. But don’t worry, with a bit of practice and some fun Spanish classes, you will get the hang of it quickly. And remember, the locals in Spain won’t judge you by the correct use of Spanish grammar when trying to communicate and buy at the stores.

The most important thing to step up your language skills is not to be shy. Instead, try to speak Spanish – it’s super fun to advance in your Spanish, and you get better as you go.

4. Acquire a confident life-style

Now we have already talked about various challenges in daily life that you can overcome when travelling in Spain. But a journey to Spain can also give you the chance to let go of old fears and is a great way to connect with yourself!

Spain offers various adventure sports like paragliding in Spain, Zip-lining, River Rafting, hikes in nature. Another great opportunity to do something new, are watersports like diving along the Spanis coasts, surfing in Cadiz, kitesurfing in Tarifa, and more. If you haven’t done any outdoor activities, take your chance and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Kitesurfing Cadiz Spain

Thinking back to situations like this in your life later, where you might have felt a little unsure at first but then defeated the fear and enjoyed the moment, can be very rewarding!

Aventure sports can also help you to learn how to motivate yourself. For example, walking the trails in Spain, or take surf lessons, is a great natural experience that will connect you to your body and teaches you to conquer mental limits.

If you are not into adventure sports, don’t forget that every new challenge is an adventure. The important thing is to try new things. What about a cooking workshop or flamenco dance lessons?

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5. Become more open-minded

Travelling and living in a new country can be a little bit chaotic at times. The infrastructure, the rules, the people……. everything is different. Traffic can be more confusing or noisy; there are other social rules, people do things differently. All of this can be challenging on your language journey in Spain. But you will find a way to work around it and pretty quickly have accommodated your daily life to these “problemitas”.

The experience of adjusting to a new culture and learning Spanish will promote a more open-minded attitude to the situation in other countries and make you value the great comfort you experience in your daily life in your home country. All in all, whatever your lessons will be, I am sure you will gather valuable memories and life-changing experiences on your journey in Spain!

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6. Spanish is an important language

Whatever your plans for the future are, speaking Spanish is a great skill that future employers and universities will appreciate. Why learn Spanish in Spain? Spanish is a world language, one of the fastest-growing languages in the world. More than 320 million people speak Spanish; it’s the second most spoken language globally (after Chinese) and the mother tongue to 400 million people & the primary language in more than 22 countries!

We hope you got inspired by our article “6 Reasons to Travel to Spain to learn Spanish”.

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