Spanish Stereotypes: the most common

Tuesday January 30, 2024 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Spanish Stereotypes: like any other, Spain has them too. Whether accurate or not, they shape foreigners’ perceptions about the Spanish culture even if they have never stepped foot in Spain itself! Funny, offensive, true, or just downright false, let’s look at Spanish stereotypes, which are […]

How to celebrate Christmas in Malaga

Thursday November 23, 2023 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Málaga, the vibrant capital of Costa del Sol, transforms into a magical wonderland during the Christmas season. Spanish students in Malaga notice the change from the end of November on: from its dazzling Christmas lights to its heartwarming traditions, Málaga offers a unique and unforgettable […]

Questions about Learning Spanish in Spain

Tuesday September 26, 2023 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Do  you have Questions about Learning Spanish in Spain? Check out the most frequently asked questions by students when reach out to us before arrival to Spain (through our social media channels, email, or WhatsApp). Would you like to do a Spanish course in Spain […]

Autumn in Spain: the perfect season to learn Spanish in Spain

Friday September 15, 2023 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

As the vibrant colors of summer gradually yield to the warm and inviting embrace of autumn, the longing for sunshine, pleasant weather, and the summer vibes still linger in our hearts. If you yearn for those carefree days and are drawn to the allure of […]

Best place to study Spanish: Madrid or Barcelona

Wednesday April 12, 2023 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

If you’ve decided to enroll in a Spanish immersion course in Spain, you’ve made a fantastic decision. Not only will your Spanish skills improve significantly, but you’ll also have the opportunity to have a fantastic time exploring Spain, living in a city of your choice, […]

Quick Guide to Learning Spanish in Mallorca

Tuesday January 17, 2023 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Learning Spanish in Mallorca. Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands in Spain, is a popular tourist destination and a unique place to learn Spanish in Spain! Mallorca is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, rich culture, and great weather. Mallorca a fantastic destination for […]

Best Spanish Learning Tips to Learn Spanish Quickly

Wednesday December 07, 2022 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Spanish can be a breeze if you know the tricks to learn Spanish quickly! In this article, we’re gonna show you how to make mastering Spanish a cinch. Here are the best Spanish learning tips to Learn Spanish Quickly. 1. Start with a basic Spanish […]

Best Places to learn Spanish in Andalucia

Friday December 02, 2022 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Best Places to learn Spanish in Andalucia Andalusia is one the greatest centers of culture, learning, history, flamenco and cuisine. Many famous Spanish dishes were born here. Andalucia is full of culture, friendly people and it has an amazing coastline! So get ready to explore! […]

Learn Spanish in Spain during your Sabbatical!

Friday September 23, 2022 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Travel and learning a new language: are two things that many choose as an excellent way to fill their sabbatical year. If you are interested in learning a new language, learning Spanish in Spain might be a perfect choice for you and a great thing […]

Why do a Spanish Language Course in Spain?

Wednesday August 31, 2022 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Reasons to learn Spanish galore! And for obvious reasons, Spain is an ideal destination to study / learn the Spanish language. Not only because you will get exposed to the language on a daily basis, but also because Spain’s culture, cuisine, climate, sandy beaches, and […]