Learn Spanish in Spain during your Sabbatical!

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    Learn Spanish in Spain during your Sabbatical

    Travel and learning a new language: are two things that many choose as an excellent way to fill their sabbatical year. If you are interested in learning a new language, learning Spanish in Spain might be a perfect choice for you and a great thing to do during your gap year. Spain is a fantastic country, full of culture, with lovely weather, and Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world. So why not Learn Spanish in Spain during your sabbatical! Read more about how to prepare your gap year and your Spanish language trip to Spain.

    Learn Spanish in Spain during your Sabbatical!

    If you still need reasons to convince yourself, your other half, your employer or your parents that a sabbatical year is a great idea, here are some reasons why you should take sabbatical or gap year (to learn Spanish in Spain). Travel Colombia Cartagena Sabbatical

    I – Why take a gap year?

    • A gap year looks good on your CV

    More and more companies value employees who have taken a gap year. When you have taken a gap year, it means that you dare to take risks and give yourself the space and time to develop yourself. In addition, if you have worked during your gap year, you have already gained much work experience. Companies are always very enthusiastic about that.
    And if you have travelled and spent time abroad, you probably speak several languages well. And companies also find it increasingly important that their employees speak multiple languages. In short: a gap year makes you a stronger candidate in the future because you have gained a lot of life experience and qualities! In addition, it is also very nice to take a gap year. Win-win!

    • A gap year allows a future orientation

    Not sure what you want to study yet? During a gap year, you will develop yourself and find out what you like. In this way, you orientate yourself on your future, and you can make a good choice for a study program. You will undoubtedly benefit from this in the future!

    • A sabbatical year provides (international) friendships for life

    When you choose to go abroad during your gap year, you have even more advantages than personal development! Namely, international friendships for life! A foreign experience can be pretty exciting, but you also get to know new people. These new people become friends for life! Make Friends during your Sabbatical

    • A sabbatical year is a wonderful adventure!

    Last but not least: a sabbatical year is a great adventure. Without commitments like a study or a job back home and other responsibilities, this is a time where you can travel, discover the world, enjoy, have fun, and much more!

    II – How to prepare for a sabbatical

    * Planning your sabbatical year

    When the choice for a gap year abroad has been made, and your parents (life partner, employer, or friends) are convinced, it’s time to make a plan! What exactly are you going to do during that year? Study Spanish in Spain

    Step 1

    The first step is to find information about what you can do (abroad) and where you would like to go. While there are many different options, travelling, and a language trip abroad are on top of the list for many. And not without reason! Another popular option is volunteering.

    Collect all kinds of information, and visit information days! There are many blogs and websites and organizations that offer different types of gap year programs for all ages. If the program is expensive, make sure that it’s worth paying for and see what part you might be able to organize by yourself. Some organizations charge quite a bit for guiding you in the process; it’s up to you to decide if you want to pay for that or if you can explore and find inspiration elsewhere.

    Step 2

    Once you have made your choice, make sure you are prepared. For instance, when you go backpacking or volunteering in South America during your sabbatical, you might as well follow a Spanish language course in Spain or a Spanish course in Latin America prior to your trip. Knowledge of the language makes travelling a lot easier and much more fun. Also, you’ll gain all the other benefits of speaking Spanish. Gapyear in Spain Barcelona Gaudi Important to know: at the Spanish language schools in Spain, you will meet people of different backgrounds, nationalities and ages. While at some schools the students are –mainly- between 18 – 28, there are many older people too that are interested in learning Spanish. There is no age limit for a language student and at many destinations you will find student so all ages learning Spanish.

    Something else to consider: most Spanish schools offer (free) cultural activities. So you will not only learn Spanish in Spain, but you’ll also learn about Spanish tapas, how to prepare a paella, and how to dance flamenco!

    III – Why Learn Spanish in Spain during your Sabbatical

    Why Learn Spanish during your gapyear?
    • Spanish is a beautiful language
    • Learn Spanish because it’s a (relatively) easy language to learn
    • Have more job opportunities, better offers, a better salary
    • Have more study opportunities abroad
    • Travel in Spain or explore Latin America
    • If you speak Spanish and English, you speak two global languages!
    • Did you know that more than 332 million people speak Spanish!? Spanish is the second most common spoken language after Chinese
    • Unlike many other languages, Spanish is a language that is still expanding worldwide
    • Have the opportunity to read great writers in their original language
    • See more series on Netflix and more (original) videos on YouTube
    • Learn about the fantastic culture and history of Spanish-speaking people
    • Living in Spain (or Latin America) to learn Spanish is a fantastic experience

    1. Learning a new language like Spanish is enriching

    When you make a language trip abroad, you decide to learn a new language. Learning a language is great fun but also challenging: the perfect reason for a language trip during your gap year.

    When you learn Spanish in Spain, you will have a new experience that you can use later in life!

    2. Learning a language is getting to know a new culture

    Getting to know a new culture is best when you become part of that culture. Opt for a Spanish language trip during your gap year to have the opportunity to experience a new culture up close, especially when you stay with a local family and when you discover the new, local environment during your free time.

    Joining a language program is a more intense experience than ‘just’ travelling a country, ad you will genuinely become familiar with the culture of Spain. Flamengo Lessons in Barcelona

    3. Learn a language, take risks and develop yourself

    Taking a language trip is also about taking risks and developing yourself. You choose to travel to a place that is still unknown to you, with a language that you don’t speak, to a place where you don’t know anyone.
    Thanks to this experience, you will develop and gain life experience! This will only benefit you later. Furthermore, during the Spanish Language Course in Spain, you will also find out what you like, and you may discover new hobbies and interests. In short: a language trip during your gap year is suitable for your self-development!

    Learn Spanish in Spain during your Sabbatical
    A Spanish language course in Spain during your sabbatical is a fantastic idea! Not only does it have short-term benefits, but there are also many benefits to a language trip, especially for the long term.

    IV – Extra tips for a Spanish Language Course

    during your gap year

    # 1 Set realistic goals and an open mind

    Do not assume that you will be fluent in Spanish immediately after the language trip. Set realistic goals and define them. What are your interests, what do you want to be able to talk about in the new language? Do you go for work or leisure? When you prepare well for your language trip, you keep the goal of your language course in mind from the start. If you are serious about learning Spanish, you can start with an online Spanish course, practice new vocabulary with Duo Lingo, try watching Spanish series, etc. Spanish Language Course in Spain More tips: Learn Spanish Fast

    # 2 Be open to new cultures

    It’s not always easy to master a new environment. You may go to learn Spanish in Spain for ‘only’ two weeks, or two months.. or maybe even longer. You’ll be fine if you open up to your new environment. You will meet many new students from all over the world. This is a great way to not only learn the language but also to learn more about other cultures. You will automatically notice that dealing with different cultures brings you closer together. Ultimately, you are all in the same boat, so let it happen to you, be open to each other’s stories and let yourself be amazed by embarking on your language trip! Of course, you have to open up to the Spanish culture too! Especially when living with a host family, you’ll encounter ‘new habit’, new ways to live, different food (and food times), and much more. Be open, and enjoy this new adventure.

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