Postres you must try in Spain

Thursday April 27, 2023 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

¡Hola! If you’re learning Spanish in Spain, you’re in for a treat because Spain has some amazing desserts that you just have to try. From churros to flan, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to seven typical Spanish desserts […]

Tips to learn Spanish Fast if you live in Spain

Thursday October 14, 2021 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Are you moving to Spain – or another Spanish-speaking country? Or have you planned a trip, or maybe you already live in Spain? Learning Spanish fast is undoubtedly one of your top priorities. Moving or traveling to a new country is a fantastic yet intense […]

6 Reasons to Travel to Spain to learn Spanish

Tuesday July 27, 2021 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Now is a great moment to plan a trip to Spain. Travelling and learning a new language will bring new challenges, a chance to grow and acquire new perspectives. Learn Spanish in Spain and spend time exploring this beautiful country can be a real life-changer. […]

Spanish and flamenco: what’s the Fuss about Flamenco?

Tuesday April 27, 2021 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

The changes are that you are interested in knowing more about Flamenco if you are interested in Spain and the Spanish culture. Flamenco is an essential part of Spanish culture, as eating tapas, la Sagrada Familia, the beautiful beaches and Ibiza. If you are doing […]

Spanish Slang words: 15 best expressions

Wednesday April 21, 2021 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

If you are an intermediate speaker of Spanish, a beginner, or an advanced speaker… it is always good (and fun) to learn some Spanish slang. But be careful: don’t use these slang terms outside of Spain. The Spanish phrases and Spanish words you’ll read below […]

Most beautiful beaches in Spain

Tuesday April 20, 2021 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Most beautiful beaches in Spain | Are you dying to see the intense blue colors of the Mediterranean coast? Are you dreaming of combining a Study Abroad program to learn Spanish in Spain, while relaxing on the best Spanish beaches? Don’t hesitate and book a […]

Three best vegetarian recipes from Spain

Thursday April 15, 2021 - Posted by studyspanishinspain

Traveling to Spain to learn Spanish means immersing yourself totally in the Spanish culture and daily life. While this great and one of the goals of a study abroad trip, by times, it can be a bit daunting and a challenge too.