Tips to learn Spanish Fast if you live in Spain

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Tips om Snel Spaans te leren als je in Spanje woont

Are you moving to Spain – or another Spanish-speaking country? Or have you planned a trip, or maybe you already live in Spain? Learning Spanish fast is undoubtedly one of your top priorities. Moving or traveling to a new country is a fantastic yet intense experience and moving while learning the new language can be overwhelming. That’s why we have these Tips to Learn Spanish Fast if you live in Spain.

How can I learn Spanish fast?

While there is no “magic advice”, there are certainly better ways and “tricks” to learn a language quickly. Read our five tips to learn Spanish fast if you live in Spain. You will see that you will soon be speaking Spanish. This makes Spain even more fun!

5 Tips to learn Spanish Fast if you live in Spain

#1. Understand that learning Spanish is not that easy

There are several ways to learn a new language and not all of them will work for you. No one expects you to speak perfect Spanish and be fluent right away. The faster you can accept this idea, the faster you can overcome the fear and embarrassment that can come with learning a new foreign language. Relax, find out which method works for you, practice and enjoy the process. Learning Spanish is especially fun! Step by step you will learn new words and you will understand the people around you better and better.

Spaans leren wonen in Spanje


#2. Spanish, Spanish, Spanish.

Unconsciously or consciously… try to be busy with the number all day long. Pay attention to street signs, advertisements on buses, read food labels when you go shopping, listen to the conversations when you queue at the checkout (or wherever) … everything helps. Celebrate your triumphs when you recognize words, or understand whole sentences. Order your daily cup of coffee at your neighborhood cafe in Spanish. Discover the keywords or phrases to get ahead and practice pleasantries like Buenos Días, por favor, gracias, and use them daily. They then become automatic and give you more confidence. All this helps to learn Spanish if you live in Spain.

Want to learn more everyday Spanish words?

Read: Common Spanish Phrases

#3. Be part of a group of Spanish students (online).

Be part of a group – e.g. a group on Facebook, or whatever – it allows you to learn the new language in a structured environment. Or follow a full course in the city where you live.

Tips: The best destinations to learn Spanish in Spain

You get feedback; you are heard by other people from different countries who are also trying to learn Spanish. Contact other foreigners who are learning Spanish (without falling into the trap of only speaking English, of course.. ).

A great and efficient way to learn Spanish quickly is to take online Spanish classes. The big advantage of online Spanish lessons is the flexibility in time and place: you can take the lessons wherever you want. The time you save – after all, you don’t have travel time – can be used by learning new words in Spanish.

Taalcursus Spaans in Spanje


Online Spanish Lessons

(private or small groups)

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# 4. Study Spanish

Besides the above tips, the old-school method is also very effective: study Spanish! Take a Spanish course. Study verb tense. Learn new vocabulary in Spanish. If you enjoy learning on your own, there are many books, websites, and apps that can help you learn Spanish. Plus, there are thousands of YouTube videos, podcasts, and self-learning apps, most of them free. You can find many tips here: 20 Hacks to Learn Spanish

Listen or watch videos on your daily commute or at home, the more the better. Using technology can be a lighter and easier way to learn, as many apps aim to make learning fun and game-like.

# 5. Do it all in Spanish and immerse yourself


Tips Spaans leren in Spanje

Make cards, try to write your emails in Spanish, watch the news in Spanish, listen to the radio, learn by singing songs in Spanish (in your head or out loud…) Have fun with friends or family who practice Spanish. If you live in a city with a lot of cultural offerings, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Seville, you can go to the theatre, visit museums and watch movies in Spanish.

Also in the smaller towns and villages of Spain (like e.g. Salamanca, or Cádiz) there are always cultural activities, a cinema or festivals to get in touch with the Spaniards and practice your Spanish.

While you may feel discouraged at times during the learning Spanish process… hang in there! It will bring you so much! Learning Spanish (online) is a really good investment in your future and at the same time in your daily life.. it will help you enjoy your stay in a Spanish-speaking country.

Do you have any questions? You can contact us if you are interested in a Spanish language course in Spain.

Good luck with Learning Spanish Fast if you live in Spain.

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