Why do a Spanish Language Course in Spain?

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    Why do a Spanish Language Course in Spain?

    Reasons to learn Spanish galore! And for obvious reasons, Spain is an ideal destination to study / learn the Spanish language. Not only because you will get exposed to the language on a daily basis, but also because Spain’s culture, cuisine, climate, sandy beaches, and vibrant cities offer so many opportunities to thrive and have fun (all while learning the language). You will learn Spanish fast and have a unique and wonderful time! Do we need to say more? We will: read along why do a Spanish language course in Spain!

    When learning Spanish in Spain you will find lovely warm weather, low cost of living, a vibrant nightlife, laid-back relaxed surroundings and a people who are friendly and inviting. What can you expect when you register for a Spanish language course abroad? There are many more benefits than “just” learning the language!

    Sevilla parque Maria Luisa1) Learning a new language means gives you the opportunity to connect with people all over the world! During your language trip you will not only learn Spanish, you will also get to know other languages because you will be in a class with students from different backgrounds. All the language schools in Spain have an activity program. This way you can easily meet new people while practicing your Spanish and explore the city!

    2) Take that first step into the unknown and step out of your comfort zone! Today we are very busy living the life that may be expected of us. But fortunately we are also finding out more and more that you can sometimes take a side road or take a leap of faith. Why not take that unforgettable trip to Sevilla and live in Andalucia? or spend a few week living in Barcelona or Valencia? Fun fact: 80% of students who go on a language trip go alone! There is a good chance that you will already connect with other students on the first day of your Spanish class 🙂

    Valencia best destination 20223) Many borders between countries are no longer closed. This means that there is more and more cooperation between different countries. If you speak another language it is easier to make yourself understood- especially if it is a world language like Spanish. Branches such as development cooperation, government and the commercial industry in particular benefit from this development.

    Doing a language course in Spain means you really get to know the country; it is a true immersion. The local people often work at the language schools. This way you contribute to a better world and you invest in the country itself!

    4) Perhaps you are still busy with your studies or are you just starting a new study program in a few months? Or you are making a career switch, and a new job is waiting for you? You often have a bridging period for a few weeks or even months in which you have ‘nothing’ planned. How educational and fun would it be to go abroad in the meantime to learn Spanish? Contact us to get personal advice about your gap year in Spain. We are happy to think along with you about which destination(s) suit you best. More and more people are also taking a sabbatical. Ask at work about the possibilities to take a break for a while.

    Visit Park Guell Barcelona5) Since will meet people all over the world at the Spanish language school, you automatically build bridges between different cultures during the language trip. You open up to talk to people from different parts of the world. This makes the composition of people in the class very interesting. The cultural difference lead to interesting discussions in the classroom guided by your Spanish teacher.

    In addition to getting to know international students, you can also choose to stay with a local host family during the language trip. This way you learn the Spanish anguage even faster and you can completely immerse yourself in the Spanish culture. Be open to other cultures and try to learn something from them.

    6) Learning a new language not only helps with your personal development, but it also helps to boost your curriculum vitae. In addition to your diplomas and work experience, many employers also find it interesting to know that you have lived some time abroad. It shows that you are prepared for unforeseen situations and that you can manage yourself in another country with a different culture. At the end of Spanish language course you will receive a certificate of participation stating your level. You can also put this certificate on your CV!

    In addition to the standard language course that every language school offers, you can also take an exam preparation course like Dele or Siele. If you successfully complete your exam, you will receive an official diploma at the end. Many of these diplomas are valid for a lifetime and help you with admissions to universities or international companies. Even if you are thinking about emigrating, it can be useful to have an official diploma.

    Spanish language courses in Spain6 reasons why anyone should learn Spanish
    Why Learn Spanish in Spain

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