Why Learn Spanish in Tarifa: Whale Watching, Kitesurfing, and more

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Why Learn Spanish in Tarifa

In Spain’s southernmost town Tarifa you will find a nice mix of nature, culture and outdoor activities. Therefore, it is a perfect place to learn Spanish, especially if you like water sports activities, such as kite surfing. But there is more to do in Tarifa. You can spot dolphins and whales, or make a day trip to Morocco and go for a walk along the stunning coastline. It is also an excellent place to relax. So, if you are looking for a smaller town with a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy the sun for a long time, choose Tarifa. Want to know more? Why Learn Spanish in Tarifa: Whale Watching, Kitesurfing, and more.

Kite surfing in Spain

What to do in Tarifa?

The historical town

Tarifa belongs to the province of Cadiz, and it is the southernmost tip of Europe. In Tarifa, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean come together, and the cultures of Europe and North Africa.
Tarifa has 18,000 inhabitants and is located on the Costa de la Luz, one of the less touristic coasts of Spain with several beautiful beaches. Tarifa is unique because one part of the city is on the Mediterranean Sea, and the other is on the Atlantic Ocean. Besides two seas, two winds also cross here, namely the Poniente and the famous and typical ‘Levante’. The Levante is a crazy wind that blows cross-shore to cross offshore from the left. It can start pretty moderate but get up to 40-50 knots or more. It is thanks to the strong winds that Tarifa is a mecca for kitesurfing enthusiasts, bringing kitesurfers from all over the world to Tarifa, Spain, especially between April and October.

The historic old town of Tarifa and its medieval city walls are on the Spanish monument list. Even though the old town is relatively small, you can get lost in the narrow, white streets and constantly discover new cafes, restaurants and shops. Due to its location, Tarifa has many Moorish influences. It is relatively quiet during the year, but especially between April and October, it can even get bustling when many kit surfers come to Tarifa. Did you know that you can see Morocco from Tarifa? The town is less than 14 kilometres from the north coast of Morocco, and you can see the North African coastline.

Tarifa’s beaches: best spots for kite surfing

The beaches around Tarifa are beautiful. The smaller Playa Chica beach is located between the town and the Isla de Palomas peninsula; a few minutes walk from the old city. Even in winter, you can sit out of the wind and enjoy the sun.

Playa de El Balneario is located on the other side of the peninsula, on the Mediterranean Sea. The kite surfers are active here. Playa de El Balneario later turns into Los Lances beach, the most popular beach among kiters. The beach of Bolonia, a little further towards Cádiz, has been voted the most beautiful beach in Spain several times.

Fun activities that you can do in Tarifa in addition to your Spanish classes include horseback riding, hiking, snorkelling, diving or (learning) kitesurfing! The Spanish school can arrange kitesurfing lessons for you (Spanish & Kitesurfing in Tarifa). There is also a program Spanish & Yoga in Tarifa (contact us for more info).

Why Learn Spanish in Tarifa: Whale Watching, Kitesurfing, and more.

Go for a walk

From Tarifa, you can take a beautiful walk along the coast. When you leave the village and turn left towards Algeciras, you will come to a sign with an indicated route of 25 kilometres. But you can also take shorter walks of, for example, 5 kilometres. During the entire hike, you can always see the coast of Morocco.

Palms Trees Beach Tarifa

Another nice walk is from downtown Tarifa to Isla de Palomas, the peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. Unfortunately, you can’t get to the island itself because there is a locked gate around it, but you can walk in that direction for a while. From Isla de Palomas, you get great views of both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Daytrips from Tarifa

Why Learn Spanish in Tarifa? From Tarifa, you can easily visit some of Andalucia’s beautiful cities, like, e.g. Cádiz. Cadíz is a lovely town with plenty to see and experience. Do you want to visit this city? Then read our tips on what to do in Cadíz. If you go a bit further, you can combine your Spanish language course in Tarifa with weekend trips to Seville or Málaga.

Beautiful views beach Tarifa

Want to do something different? Here are three tips for a unique day trip from Tarifa.

Visit Marocco from Tarifa

For example, go for a day trip to another continent and visit Morocco in Africa! From Tarifa, there are several daily ferries (one way is about an hour) to Tangier.

See Monkeys in Gibraltar

You can also easily make a day trip to Gibraltar from Tarifa. Gibraltar is about 50 kilometres from Tarifa and an hour by car or bus. The British colony is known for the many monkeys that live there.

Go Whale and Dolphin Watching in Tarifa

FIRMM offers whale “respecting whale watching excursions” with several departures per day from April to October. In addition to being adventurous, the tours also have an educational character. Before the tour starts, you will already receive exciting information about the whales and dolphins that occur in the Strait of Gibraltar. During the tours, the animals are disturbed as little as possible.

Whale watching Kitesurfing

Family program & Spanish for Kids in Tarifa

Why Learn Spanish in Tarifa? Well, did you know the Spanish School in Tarifa offers several family programs, including Spanish for kids and Spanish for Teens? The Spanish for Kids in Spain Program is for children who come to Tarifa with their parents. The whole family can find their own accommodation or book a Spanish host family or an apartment through the school.

While the parents relax, learn Spanish or go kite surfing, the kids come to Spanish class! We offer an active and instructive Spanish language program with the chance to meet Spanish children of their own age. In addition, they will do some activities together outside the classroom; the perfect opportunity to put the theory into practice, speak Spanish, and experience another culture. The activities depend on the age of the children. Of course, there are watersport activities for the children too.

How do you get To Tarifa

The nearest airport is Jérez de La Frontera. The Spanish school can arrange a pick up from this airport for you. Other airports are Malaga (160 km away) and Seville (200 km away). In addition, there are direct buses to Tarifa.

We hope you enjoyed reading Why Learn Spanish in Tarifa: Whale Watching, Kitesurfing, and more. Ready to register? Contact one of our course counsellors.

Spanish Students in Spain

“Tarifa is a beautiful place to take Spanish lessons. I knew I had made the right choice from the moment I arrived. The Spanish classes include some history and culture of Spain, which made language learning easier and added richness to the overall experience. I highly recommend learning Spanish in Tarifa; I would go back in a heartbeat. (Mariah)”. (Read more reviews).

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