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Study Spanish in Spain (SIS) offers Spanish courses at the best Spanish Schools in Spain. Live the Mediterranean life while immersing yourself in an exciting, warm culture while learning Spanish!

Spanish in Spain - SIS - was founded by the Dos Manos Travel group, offering Spanish immersion courses since 1998. Our journey started when we established our first Spanish school in Cusco, Peru. After adding more destinations in Peru, we expanded to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2007 and from 2010 on, we started to offer Spanish courses in Latin America through an extensive network of partner schools in Latin America. In 2020 we proudly added Study Spanish in Spain and launched a specialized program for Online Spanish to our web list. Today, we offer the complete range of opportunities to learn Spanish!

Our passion

You must know by now: we are passionate about the Spanish language, Spain and South America!

We love the colorful culture, the traditions and the people. We are admirers of the history; we love the food, the fiestas, the people; and we are fond of the spectacular scenery, the lovely beaches and the dramatic views of Spain and Latin America. We love paella, flamenco, and the Moorish heritage. We dream about the fresh green of northern Spain, the beautiful blue of the Mediterranean, and adore the dark yellow of Andalucía.

Last but not least, you can rely on us; we have extended experience living and travelling in Spain and Latin America, and we know all the schools personally.

Why book with us?

If you book a Spanish Course in Spain with us, what do you get?

Before Arrival

  • The guarantee that you will learn Spanish at one of the best Spanish schools in Spain.
  • The information you need to make the right choice: what school is best for you?
  • Once you have made your choice: the official confirmation and documents, practical information for your destination, a city guide, your local contact and accommodation details.
  • Tips to prepare for your trip including a pre-arrival class of Survival Spanish by Zoom
  • A 24/7 emergency phone number.

After Arrival

  • Transfer, orientation, Spanish lesson materials, free activities, accommodation check-in (according to your booking)
  • Spanish course and accommodation (according to your booking)
  • The Spanish School management will take over direct communication from the moment you arrive in Spain. Therefore, you can discuss any issues directly at the school. But don't worry, we are still checking on you. We are in contact with the school until the last day of your program, and if you need help or want to share your experience, please write! We'll be happy to hear from you!

About our Spanish Schools in Spain

Why did we choose the Spanish schools that we work with? That is easy to explain. All our Spanish schools have essential characteristics in common:

  • Medium-sized schools at top locations
  • Brilliant atmosphere with personal attention for every student
  • High-quality Spanish instruction & fun and diverse leisure activities
  • Superb and comfortable accommodations

We've found our Spanish schools to be reliable, safe and trustworthy.

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SIS is part of Dos Manos Nederland B.V. Our official address is in the Netherlands. With a part of our team working in the Netherlands and a part in Peru, we're part of the global world.