Info about Spain and the Spanish culture


Spain is one of the leading tourist destinations, not only in Europe but world-wide. Spain is the second most visited country globally thanks to the variety of attractions and the devotion to living the good life. Don't underestimate the country's size; Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe.

Spain has something to offer for everyone. It is very varied in culture, art, geography, nature and climate.

Love food? Every region boasts its own local cuisine!

Searching for adventure? The spectacular scenery will make you enjoy outdoors as never before! Want to relax? Go to one of the famous beaches like Playa Blanca or Playa del Sol.

Interested in art? Spain is the country of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Diego Velázquez and Antoni Gaudí! Shop 'til you drop? Shops with extended opening hours, exclusive showrooms, international brands, local designers, and artisan products are waiting for you.

Are you a party freak? Head to Ibiza and join the world's biggest and most famous discotheques. If not Ibiza, many other beach towns or cosmopolitan towns offer the same.

The Spanish language originates from Spain. That's why Spain is the perfect place to study this language or work on your Spanish accent.

Why learn Spanish? Read more about reason to learn Spanish: 'Why Spanish'.


Here are our top 7 reasons why you should choose Spain as the location to study Spanish abroad!


The Spanish gastronomy

Spain is known for the fantastic food culture and local cuisine. Probably the most internationally knowns items of the Spanish cuisine are paella, sangria, and tapas. But there is so much more. Anyway, we recommend you do try those too! Visit a tapas restaurant at least once in your life to experience the richness of the finger food while drinking a local beer or sangria. In Spain, you can find plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as seafood. Paella is the most famous Spanish seafood dish.

Other famous Spanish export products are olive oil, Iberian ham en Spanish wine. Spain is the world’s third largest producer of wine. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the Spanish dishes, chefs and restaurants!


The awe-inspiring architecture

It is hard to mention the most beautiful buildings in Spain, as the country is full of amazing buildings. One of the most emblematic buildings is the Sagrada Familia cathedral by the brilliant architect Gaudí in Barcelona. The work started in 1883 and continues today. But the most famous and most visited monument in Spain should be the Alhambra castle in Granada. Its palaces and gardens will leave you speechless!



Art is an inherent part of Spain which is reflected in the traditional dances still performed today, of which flamenco is the most famous dance. This elegant dance originated from Andalucia is known as being very difficult. Flamenco exists of four components: baile (dance), canto (song), palmas (handclaps) and toque (guitar). The perfect combination of the different elements makes the most elegant dance. Make sure to visit a flamenco show in one of the many bars and theatres. The exquisitely handcrafted dresses will surely impress you!


The vibrant fiestas

Every city and every village in Spain celebrates a festival every year. No matter the month you are travelling in, you will always find a festival in Spain. Life itself is a fiesta in Spain! One of the most famous festivals is the Tomatina in Bunyol, Valencia. Tons of tomatoes are thrown to each other at this festival, causing people, streets and squares to turn into a big red mass. Another famous, yet controversial festival is the Bull Run in Pamplona where bulls are running behind people in the streets. Also, the Semana Santa, Holy Week, is celebrated with many processions in different places in Spain, especially in southern Seville.


Amazing beaches

Spain is a peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The many Costas like the wide golden Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are very popular. The islands of Ibiza and Mallorca provide the most exceptional clean beaches with the finest wide sand, as well as the more Southern Canary Islands. Besides sunbathing, the beaches are also perfect places for sports like surfing, sailing and diving.


The beautiful language

Spanish is a universal language with many nuances. Spain is the perfect place to learn Spanish with opportunities for everyone, whatever your objective and budget are. Understanding a bit of Spanish will help you understand better the fantastic culture in Spain. Or maybe you plan a trip to South America later (tip: you can also Learn Spanish in Latin America). Spanish Schools all over Spain belong to the National Federation of Schools teaching Spanish to Foreigners which guarantee the best quality teaching for all possible levels.


The breath-taking landscapes

Spain is a country of diverse landscapes. Over a quarter of Spain’s territory is dedicated to nature preservation. From the Northern Pyrenees to the Sierra Nevada in the South, the majestic mountains will provide you with the most beautiful landscapes. The “Picos De Europa Mountains” provide glacier lakes, high ridges and dense forests. The 15 national parks are worth visiting and perfect for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.



Money in Spain

The currency of Spain is the EURO (€). It is easy to find ATM machines in historic centres, urban centres, and shopping areas in Spain. You can withdraw money with debit and credit cards. Visa and MasterCard are widespread and almost everywhere accepted; however, there may be a minimum payment of around € 10 required, and commissions may apply.

You will change money in the change offices, banks, some hotels and travel agencies.

When buying stuff, keep in mind that negotiating the price is generally not accepted in Spain.

All establishments include the service charge in their prices, so giving tips is not obligated, but still it is widespread to leave tips in bars, restaurants, hotels and taxis. Usually, the tips will vary between 5 to 10 % of the total amount and will depend on how happy you were with the service.


The Weather in Spain

Spain is a country with more than 300 days of sunshine per year and a very mild climate all year round. Any time of the year is an excellent time to travel to Spain! But still there are differences in the weather depending on the month of the year you are travelling. Spring and autumn are known for their very mild temperatures, perfect for spending full days outdoor. In Summer, especially in July and August, it can be really hot and dry in Spain when temperatures reach its maximum throughout the whole country from 20° C to more than 37° C in the south. If you plan to visit Spain in July or August, you will find less students in cities like Madrid, or Seville. It gets too hot there for most of the people.

December, January and February, are the coldest months in Spain with also the most rainfall. In general, in northern Spain, the temperature is a bit colder, and the north receives the most rain.


What to bring

It is essential to bring sunglasses, suitable footwear and a daypack to carry your stuff while visiting everything Spain offers. Don’t forget your swimwear if you have choosen a Spanish school near one of the ‘costas’!

Choose your clothes according to the time of the year you visit. Casual clothes will come very handy in Spain, but probably you also want to pack some fancy clothes for a night out. Or maybe you host family will take you to party or event one day.

In general, Spaniards have a great sense of fashion, but inland they can also be a bit conservative with their clothing. Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes if you would visit Spain in winter. Remember that you can buy lots of items in Spain too.