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From urban beaches to epic nightlife, Alicante offers a Mediterranean mix of action and relaxation. Its great dynamism and warm climate characterize Alicante.

The city is small and compact with a castle, old quarter and long waterfront. You will never be far from one of its beaches, no matter where you are in the city!

After enjoying a relaxing day on the beach, you will see how the sleepy seaside town completely transforms into a buzzing nightlife spot. The notoriously friendly locals are happy to show you around and present you to the legendary dance floor.

The stunning architecture and the many narrow but cosy alleys of the old town are also worth a visit. Take some time to enjoy one of the quality museums; you will find a wide range from ancient archaeology to contemporary art.

Without a doubt, Alicante is one of the most dynamic spots on the sunny Costa Blanca in Spain. Alicante is a favourite destination for many tourists, and it will soon be the same for you!

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Santa Bárbara Castle

The Castle of Santa Bárbara is perched on a hillside of Mount Benacantil. The historic 16th-century castle, one of Spain's largest mediaeval fortresses, overlooks the town and bay of Alicante at the height of 166 meters. Admission is free


Tabarca Island

Around 20 km offshore from the mainland of Alicante, you can find the pirate island Tabarca, the only inhabited island in the Region of Valencia. You can visit the island with a one day boat tour and enjoy the beautiful town, local museum, coves, beaches and a picturesque fishing port offering great traditional food.


Alicante beaches

Every year a lot of beaches in Alicante get the award of the Blue Flag by the European Union, great recognition for the fantastic beaches of the Mediterranean coast. The most famous beach is San Juan beach. It has a 3 km length of white crystal sand, and the beach is lined with resorts, restaurants and shops.


Alicante museums

You cannot miss some of the 14 museums in Alicante, as they will complete your experience in the city. You will be surprised by how attractive they are. MARQ is the first 21st-century archaeology museum showing exhibitions of international interest. The Ocean Race Museum is also fascinating; you can learn about a round-the-world sailing tour's extreme challenges. A lot of the museums are offering free admission.


Guadalest Valley

This Valley, also known as the Eagle's Nest, can be reached after a 1-hour drive from Alicante. Guadalest is an idyllic and charming little village with a set of walls and fortresses located in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. What you should not miss are the castle and the white bell tower. Perfect for a day out of the city!


Explanada de España

This beautiful promenade is the perfect frame for the sea and the marina; both sides are lined with rows of palm trees. The floor is decorated with beautiful tricolour marble tiles. Stroll along this promenade to enjoy the breathtaking views.

per year 19.6° C or 67.3° F
January – 15° C or 59° F
February - 14° C or 57° F
March - 14° C or 57° F
April - 16° C or 61° F
May – 19° C or 66° F
June - 22° C or 72° F
July - 25° C or 77° F
August - 26° C or 79° F
September - 25° C or 77° F
October - 23° C or 73° F
November - 19° C or 66° F
December - 17° C or 63° F
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