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Barcelona is situated in the Catalonia Region, on the Eastern Coast of Spain. Barcelona is a mix of local culture, impressive architecture and is filled with fun.

Barcelona is perfect for everybody, both for a vibrant city break and for a relaxing beach holiday.

Barcelona is one of the most diverse cities you will ever see. You can find interesting museums, impressive churches, quality restaurants, lovely shops, cosy bars and busy nightclubs. Every day you can explore a new square, wander the narrow cosy streets of Las Ramblas and discover the impressive architecture of Gaudi. Don’t forget to visit the typical outdoor markets to enjoy the most delicious Spanish food!

You can decide to stay in Barcelona for a few days, but the chances are that you will extend your stay for a few weeks. That’s why it’s a pefect location for a Spanish course! With so much to offer, Barcelona cannot be rushed!

Sagrada Familia Barcelona



The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

This basilica is Gaudi’s most famous work, and it has become an undisputed symbol of Barcelona. The monumental church is devoted to the Christian Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The foundation was laid in 1882, and the building is still in progress. To enjoy the most breath-taking views of Barcelona, go up to the towers!


The Gothic Quarter

The Barri Gotic is the central historical part of Barcelona, located between Rambla and Laetana. The neighbourhood is called Barri Gotic because it used to be a Roman village and today you can still see its glorious past. It is the mix of old and new that makes it so attractive. It has many restaurants, bars, shops, many squares, the city hall and a huge, impressive cathedral.


Camp Nou

Camp Nou is definitely a pilgrimage site for soccer fans from all over the world. This gigantic stadium has a seating capacity of 100 000, making it the largest soccer stadium in Europe.

There is also a modern museum with interactive walls. You will enjoy the visit, and optionally the guided tour, even if you are not a Barca supporter!


Mercat de la Boqueria

This central food market sells some of the freshest and highest quality seafood, vegetables and fruit in Barcelona. It is open every day except on Sundays. La Boqueria is a free market and a name of reference in Barcelona. Many of Barcelona’s top restaurants come here to buy their products. If you go to this market, shopping will become an exceptional experience!


Palace of Catalan Music

The Palau of the Catalan Music is a concert-hall in Barcelona and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an artistic jewel and an essential part of any city visit; the experience is so magical that visitors fall in love with it.


Park Güell

This famous park, we all saw pictures of it once, is a masterpiece by the Catalan architect Gaudi. The park has existed since 1926, and since 1984 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for its patrimonial and cultural value. You will observe many sculptures and mosaics. Enjoy a walk in this beautiful example of art nouveau and urban planning.

per year 18.2° C or 64.8° F
January – 11.8° C or 53.2° F
February – 12.4° C or 54.3° F
March – 14.2° C or 57.6° F
April – 15.8° C or 60.4° F
May – 19.3° C or 66.7° F
June – 22.9° C or 73.2° F
July – 25.7° C or 78.3° F
August – 26.1° C or 79° F
September - 23° C or 73.4° F
October – 19.5° C or 67.1° F
November – 14.9° C or 58.8° F
December – 12.3° C or 54.1° F
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