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Cadiz, located on the Atlantic Ocean in Andalusia, Costa de la Luz, is generally considered the oldest city in the Western World. It was founded as Gadir in 1100 B.C. by the Phoenicians, a seafaring people. They turned Cadiz into an important trading colony.

Cadiz is the perfect place for romantic souls. The ancient centre, surrounded almost entirely by water, is a romantic place full of winding medieval streets where Atlantic waves crash against eroded sea walls. You can see cheerful taverns, fresh-baked fish and white beaches filled with people enjoying the lovely sun.

Our Spanish students often fall in love with Cadiz, and many tourists make it their regular vacation spot. They talk fondly of Cadiz’ seafood, intriguing monuments and good museums. The annual carnival and the rich tradition in the field of flamenco ensure that many tourists decide to come and enjoy the beautiful landscape with a surprisingly mild climate.

Until today, Cadiz is an underrated corner of Spain, yet to be discovered. So what are you waiting for? Register for a Spanish course in Cadiz now!

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Torre Tavira

Northwest of Plaza de Topete is the baroque tower Torre Tavira, built in the 18th century. The tower is the highest point of the city and a focal point of cultural interest. It has two exhibition halls, a viewpoint and a camera obscura that projects live, moving images of Cadiz onto a screen.


Playa de la Victoria

Victoria is a pioneering beach, one of the first in Europe to win the E.U, environmental certificate. At this vast and clean beach, you can always find a place to put your towel after your Spanish lessons. Enjoy a walk along the promenade; the beach stretches four km along the peninsula, filled with summer beach bars.


Mercado central de abastos

This farmers market is Spain’s oldest covered market, unveiled in 1838. Here you can find the freshest fish and seafood. It is also the perfect place to try different kind of tapas and drinks while sitting on a bar chair and enjoying the sun. An ideal place to eat quality and fresh lunch!


Yacimiento Arqueologico Gadir

Nine meters below the Puppet Theater, Gadir emerges. At this archaeological place and fascinating 3000 years old site, you can walk the Phoenician streets, see its houses and meet some of its neighbours. Yacimiento Arqueologico Gadir is a perfect place to understand the old history of the area and the whole Western world.


Park Genoves

This beautiful park is situated between Caleta beach and the historic old town of Cadiz. The park offers an exotic garden oasis, away from the bustle of the city. You can find water features, fountains, and trees trimmed into different shapes and different species of cypresses and palm trees at this tranquil place. Ideal for a walk or a picnic! There is even a cave feature near the duck pond.


Puente de la constitución del 1812

This bridge is also known as La Pepa Bridge, and it goes across the Bay of Cadiz, connecting Cadiz with Puerto Real in mainland Spain. The construction is wonderful, with dramatic angles and design. This bridge is a modern touch in an ancient city. The most beautiful entrance to Cadiz is entering the town by crossing the bridge!

per year 18.6° C or 65.5° F
January – 12.7° C or 54.9° F
February – 13.8° C or 56.8° F
March – 15.5° C or 59.9° F
April – 16.8° C or 62.2° F
May – 19.1° C or 66.4° F
June – 22.4° C or 72.3° F
July – 24.6° C or 76.3° F
August – 25.0° C or 77° F
September – 23.3° C or 73.9° F
October – 20.3° C or 68.5° F
November – 16.5° C or 61.7° F
December – 13.9° C or 57° F
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