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Cordoba is one of Andalucía's most fascinating cities; it is a living legacy of different cultures that settled here throughout its history. Cordoba is also known as the 'Pearl of the Moorish Spain' or as 'Constantinople of the Occident'. All these melodious names are very well deserved; Cordoba is a beautiful and exciting city.

In Cordoba, you can still see its Moorish past today. The mesmerizing multi-arched Mezquita is one of the world's most remarkable Islamic buildings. But Cordoba is much more! In Cordoba, you can find a modern commercial centre. However, most tourists prefer to walk in the charming centre with winding, stone-paved lanes, idyllic squares, excellent restaurants and bars, parks with lush flowers and beautiful tiled fountains.

Cordoba is also synonymous with culture, music, and arts; you can enjoy many events and activities throughout the year in the city. Flamenco is a distinguishing characteristic of Cordoba. Many places organize flamenco shows, an experience you cannot miss during your stay in this fascinating city!

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The historic centre of Cordoba

The historic quarter in Cordoba was declared a World Heritage Site. Here you can still feel the old splendour of the Caliphate of Cordoba. The historic centre has a wealth of monuments preserving large traces of Roman, Arabic, Jewish and Christian times. Don't miss the tapas bars!


The Mezquita

The beauty of the grand mosque is indescribable! It is an example of one of the greatest works of Islamic architecture. The Muslim Emir Abdurrahman built it in 785. The structure evolved over the centuries, blending many architectural styles. In 1523, the cathedral was built inside, and it became a roman catholic church.


Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

The Alcazar is among Cordoba's most significant landmarks. The Alcazar consists of a royal palace and a fortress. Here you can explore sarcophagi and ancient artefacts. The Alcazar has extensive gardens, fountains and some of the best views of the city you can find anywhere.


Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter or Judería is a beautiful area to visit. The lovely narrow laneways are full of history and very beautiful for a walk. The synagogue is one of the best-surviving testaments to the Jewish presence in medieval Andalucía, and it is decorated with extravagant stucco work. The district is also home to museums, small shops and residential mansions.



Maybe you wouldn't expect it in Spain, but Cordoba has a strong Hamman tradition. Hammans are Arabic baths. You can choose between a cool or hot bath, or have a relaxing massage. The Baños de Alcázar Califal of the 10th Century is very impressive and worth a visit. And after, you can go to an Arabic tea house for some typical tea and sweets, delicious!



Flamenco lives in Cordoba! There are many clubs where you can see flamenco musicians perform. In June, the International Guitar Festival is held, and you can see flamenco performers every night. In the province of Cordoba, more than thirty flamenco festivals are held during the summer months! And of course, there is also a museum, Flamenco Center Fosforito.

per year 18.2° C or 64.8° F
January – 9.3° C or 48.7° F
February – 11.1° C or 52° F
March – 14.4° C or 57.9° F
April – 16° C or 60.8° F
May – 20° C or 68° F
June – 24.7° C or 76.5° F
July – 28° C or 82.4° F
August – 28° C or 82.4° F
September – 24.2° C or 75.6° F
October – 19.1° C or 66.4° F
November – 13.5° C or 56.3° F
December – 10.4° C or 50.7° F
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