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Ibiza Island forms part of the Balearic Islands and is without any doubt a favourite of many tourists. It boasts more than 100 miles of coastline with around 50 amazing beaches full of pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs and much more. The capital of Ibiza, also called Ibiza, is famous for its nightlife, its culture and amazing beaches.

Ibiza town is a port city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can find some world-class restaurants and fancy bars in the beautiful Old Town. In summer, you will see the world bests DJ's in the nightclubs of Ibiza. And, you can even do some celebrity spotting!

Ibiza is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage site walled fortress, cathedrals, chapels and fascinating archaeological museums. In the quiet and rural interior of Ibiza, you can visit idyllic whitewashed villages. The rich history, heritage and culture of the island are awe-inspiring!

Eivissa, the word for Ibiza in Catalan, never fails to surprise!

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Es Vedra

The island of Es Vedrà is one of the startling sights in the Balearics. You can find it off Ibiza's southwestern coast at only 2 km. The island is subject to many myths and legends like its third strongest magnetic spot on earth. You cannot visit the island, but make sure to take a look from the viewpoint.


Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is a fortified hilltop with Renaissance walls, first inhabited by the Phoenicians and later occupied by other civilizations. You can reach the quiet, atmospheric and cobbled streets only by foot. There are several important cultural sites inside Dalt Vila, of which the Castell de Eivissa is the most important. Here you can make some unforgettable walks!


Cala Tarida

The beautiful beaches in Ibiza are very numerous; Cala Tarida and Cala Salata are two perfect examples. The clean beaches are ideal for sunbathing or snorkelling with the fish in the emerald green water. Cala Tarida is the longest and widest beach with fine white sand on this side of the island.


Puig de Molins

The Puig de Molins is a historic site in Ibiza town, the earliest tombs date from the 7th Century BC and Phoenician times. At the museum, you can find a lot of interesting artefacts like amulets and vases, all found at the site. We recommend doing a dramatized visit and seeing different funeral rites.


Sa Penya district

This is the former fishermen's district, located at the foot of the Santa Lucia fortification. Here you can find very steep and winding streets and picturesque squares. The island's principal gay centre and many charming bars are located in this district. You can also enjoy the fantastic view of the harbour walls and the sea!


Museum of Contemporary Art

If you like art, come to this museum at the most stunning location in an 18th-century powder store and armoury. Here you can observe a lot of work by Ibizan artists. There are three floors, and the lower part has a glass floor to see the ancient ruins below.

per year 19.7° C or 67.5° F
January – 14.7 C or 58.5° F
February – 14.3° C or 57.7° F
March – 14.5° C or 58° F
April – 16.3° C or 61.4° F
May – 19.1° C or 66.3° F
June – 22.5° C or 72.6° F
July – 25.1° C or 77.1° F
August – 26.2° C or 79.1° F
September - 25.2° C or 77.4° F
October – 22.7° C or 72.9° F
November – 19.6° C or 67.3 F
December – 16.6° C or 61.8° F
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