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Spain’s capital city Madrid is less touristic than you would expect. That’s why it’s a great choice for a Spanish Program in Spain, as you will have the greatest authentic experiences in this interesting city.

Madrid will surprise you with its intensive, enveloping blue sky Valézquez loved to paint. The city can be visited the whole year round with a dry climate and little rainfall. In summer time (July, August) it gets warm.

Madrid is the place to be for art lovers. Masterpieces by local and international artists can be seen in the city’s world-class galleries; especially the very famous Museo Del Prado.

Many of the buildings you will see in Madrid look like castles, you will feel like you are walking around in a fairy tale. Here you will find everything, from medieval mansions to Spanish contemporary architecture. Even the City hall is just astonishing! Also the natural beauty of the perfect designed parks, like Retiro Park, will amaze you.

Madrid is perfect for fine dining, but also the many bars are recommended. Don’t forget to try some typical tapas at the gourmet markets. Madrid also offers great opportunities for vegetarians and lovers of Latin American food.

At night, accompany the Madrileños in the hip and trendy clubs and dance until dawn! Madrid will never bore you.

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Prado National Museum

The “Museo del Prado’ has one of the largest art collections in the world, with more than 7000 paintings. In the evenings, there are some hours you can visit the museum for free.


Retiro Park

The green oasis in the heart of the city is over 125 hectares and has more then 15 000 trees. Besides different monuments, you will also find several gardens. In the middle of the park, there is a big lake.


The Royal Palace

This palace was home to many kings of Spain, and nowadays only occasionally used for royal ceremonies. The palace is perfect for a journey through the history of Spain; you can visit 50 of the palace rooms.


Plaza Mayor

The plaza is situated in the heart of Hapsburg Madrid, the old part of the city and one of the capital’s most charming districts. The plaza is beautiful on its own, but here you will also find the main tourist office and many restaurants, shops and bars.


Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum

This museum offers you an overview of art from the 13th century to the late 20th century. Here you can contemplate the major periods and schools of western art such as the Renaissance, Baroque or Romanticism. The collection boasts over 1000 works of art.


Puerta Del Sol

This square is one of the city’s most famous sites; it is a junction for many of the city’s historical and busiest streets and the starting point for all major radial roads in Spain. Don’t miss the ‘hub’ of the city!

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January – 6.3 C or 43.3° F
February – 7.9° C or 46.2° F
March – 11.2° C or 52.2° F
April – 12.9° C or 55.2° F
May – 16.7° C or 62.1° F
June – 22.2° C or 72° F
July – 25.6° C or 78.1° F
August – 25.1° C or 77.2° F
September – 20.9° C or 69.6° F
October – 15.1° C or 59.2° F
November – 9.9° C or 49.8° F
December 6.9° C or 49.4° F

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