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The vibrant cosmopolitan city of Málaga is situated on the beautiful Andalucía coastline, in the south of Spain. Its status as the capital of Costa del Sol has made it one of Spain’s foremost holiday destinations, thanks to its mild climate, beaches, lively nightlife, museums and swaying palm trees.

The strategic location of Malaga’s port made it an important trade route in history. Today you can see a fortress dating back to 1065 and interesting archaeological museums. Malaga is also home to other ancient sites like a Roman theatre, a bullring, churches and towers.

Art is very present here, as Málaga is the birthplace of the famous painter Picasso. Several galleries are showing his work, including the fascinating Museum of Fine Arts.

The geographical location of Malaga is privileged! The mountains protect it to ensure the greatest average temperature in Spain. Malaga has more than 300 sunny days a year with less than 50 days of rain a year. This makes Malaga an internationally known resort city!

Malaga church




This is an excellent walk of an hour or two. The military fortification of Alcabaza was built in the 11th century in the Hispanic-Arabic period. The entrance is beside the Roman theatre. You will find amazing flora when you hike up through a winding path, from palms, orange trees to jasmine flowers. The palace has been extensively restored. If you see the patio, you will see the similarity with the Alhambra.


Museo Automovilistico

Here you can find an extraordinary collection of almost 100 old cars, carefully restored, coming together with fashion haute couture, from the 1900s to the 1960s. You can also enjoy the atmospheric music. This will be by far the most unique place you will ever visit!


Mercado Central de Atarazanas

This indoor farmers market’s walls are made from beautiful stained glass showing historical highlights of the city, magnificent on a sunny day! Here you can find the freshest fruit, vegetables and fish. The market also has some places where you can enjoy the local specialities. In short, the perfect place to try some tapas!


Museo Picasso Malaga

Knowing Malaga is the city where Picasso was born, this museum is not to be missed! Discover the life of Picasso and see some of his impressive paintings and sculptures. The museum is housed in the 16th century Buenavista Palace and has a great café.


Jardín Botánico Histórico La Concepción

This English landscape garden has a history of more than 150 years. It is unique for Europe to be able to visit a garden with subtropical climate plants. The gardens are located 5 km north of the centre, but the fountains, variety of palm trees, bamboos and fifty thousand plants are worth a visit.


Playa Malagueta

Playa Malagueta is the city’s main beach. It is very close to the city centre. Try some fish snacks in the local restaurants after Spanish classes or during the weekend. You can rent umbrellas and hammocks to spend a lovely lazy day at the beach. You can practice water sports here, such as pedalos or surfing.

per year 18.5° C or 65.3° F
January – 12.1 C or 53.8° F
February – 12.9° C or 55.2° F
March – 14.7° C or 58.5° F
April – 16.3° C or 61.3° F
May – 19.3° C or 66.7° F
June – 23° C or 73.4° F
July – 25.5° C or 77.9° F
August – 26.0° C or 78.8° F
September – 23.5° C or 74.3° F
October – 19.5° C or 67.1° F
November – 15.7° C or 60.3 F
December 13.2° C or 55.8° F
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