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Palma is the Balearic Islands' capital, and it is, as the name suggests, located on the island Mallorca. It lies in a bay with an excellent climate all year round. Palma is a lively, modern and cosmopolitan city with a long tourist tradition, reflected in the wide range of facilities and services on offer. But it is the unique blend of cultures, traditions and influences of the different civilizations that have settled here throughout history that makes Palma de Mallorca the most interesting!

Mallorca is internationally known for its sun and beaches. Palma has over five beaches and eight bathing areas with long stretches of sand with crystal clear water. Palma is also the perfect destination for water sports, like sailing.

Don't forget to visit the lovely historic quarter. Historic Palma de Mallorca boasts narrow medieval streets, patios, aristocratic townhouses, markets, religious buildings, museums and art galleries. Discover traditional shops with typical products like leather goods and jewels.

In Palma, you will find the best of the Mediterranean and international gastronomy, all prepared with the finest products that the land and sea has to offer. Do one of the gastronomic routes and try typical products and dishes like the 'frito mallorquin'. After, enjoy Mallorca's best nightlife and the city's vibrant social scene!

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Cathedral de Mallorca

The Cathedral is Mallorca's most emblematic monument. This stunning beautiful cathedral is different than any other cathedral elsewhere in the world. For another small payment, you can even enjoy the cathedral's roof terraces offering magnificent views of the city and sea.


Palma Aquarium

Here you can discover the many secrets hidden in the seas and oceans. They have one of the biggest aquariums you will ever see with an immense variety of fish and corals, 3D experience and outside there is a rainforest section.


Mercat de l'Olivar

This covered farmers market is located at Plaza de Olivar, offering the best seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables and wines as well as a wide selection of restaurants and tapas bars. There is even a library. This market is a feast for all your senses!


Calo des Moro

Calo des Moro is one of Palma's best beaches with a 40-metres long sand beach while the sea stretches far out between steep cliffs. Calo des Moro is a bit further away than other Palma beaches, but the fantastic views make it totally worth it. Enjoy this hidden place!


Palau de l'Almudaina

This royal palace was built in the times of the Arab conquest and was converted into a residence for Mallorcan monarchs at the end of the 13th Century. It combines multiple styles and cultures with large rooms full of paintings, tapestries and furniture and a beautiful courtyard.


Castell de Bellver

This large, 14th-century castle overlooks the town of Palma. Today, the ground floor is an interesting city history museum where you can observe ceramics, statues and other artefacts. Upstairs you can visit the chambers of the castle. The castle also offers a fantastic view of the Palma bay and town.

per year 18.2 °C or 64.8 °F
January – 11.9° C or 53.4° F
February – 11.9° C or 53.4° F
March – 13.4° C or 56.1° F
April – 15.5° C or 59.9° F
May – 18.8° C or 65.8° F
June – 22.7° C or 72.9° F
July – 25.7° C or 78.3° F
August – 26.2° C or 79.2° F
September – 23.5° C or 74.3° F
October – 20.2° C or 68.4° F
November – 15.8° C or 60.4° F
December 13.1° C or 55.6° F
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