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San Sebastián, Donostia in Basque, located in the north of Spain, is renowned for its cuisine, award-winning urban beaches and Parisian-inspired architecture with elegant art nouveau buildings. This city is a dream for every tourist offering high-quality services and memorable experiences!

The beautiful golden beaches of San Sebastián invite you to stroll along the shore, even in winter. Also, for surfers, this is a paradise. The massif of Igueldo and Santa Clara's island, a small hilly island, frame the bay and make a refined getaway to the city.

San Sebastián was the European Capital of Culture 2016 and is rich in culture and arts. There is an International Film Festival in September. Cultural events, music festivals and culinary fairs are held regularly. The museums, such as San Telmo, are the most interesting to visit.

The city has a reputation as one of the world's most fabulous dining destinations, specialized in seafood. Try some local tapas in one of the many bars in the Old Quarter's narrow, winding streets before having a late dinner at a modern city's sidewalk restaurant.

San Sebastian downtown



The beautiful golden beaches of San La Concha Beach

If you think of a perfect city beach, that is Playa de la Concha. The beach is situated just in front of Santa Clara Island. The view of the surrounding hills is breathtaking. At night, the view of the bay's twinkling lights and illuminated monuments is magical.


Monte Urgull

This hill is located at one end of La Concha Beach, watching over the city's Old Quarter. You can choose between four different paths and walk to the summit to enjoy the breathtaking views. Here you can also visit the Castillo de la Mota.


San Telmo Museoa

This museum in the Old Town is located in a magnificent 16th-century building formerly used as a Dominican Convent. It has a collection that explores Basque history and culture in all its complexity.


Peine del Viento

The wind combs modern iron sculpture is a symbol of the city, located at the far western end of the Bahía de la Concha and made by the famous sculptor Eduardo Chillida in 1977. The sculpture is embedded in the rocks at the water's edge.


Cristina Enea Park

This park is an oasis of peace and is the perfect place to switch off from the city's hustle and bustle without even leaving it. Here you can see ornamental plants, peacocks and ducks. Enjoy a walk on the open lawns and wooded paths.


Santa Clara Island

The wonderful small island is located only 750 meters offshore from Playa de la Concha and accessible by motorboats from the fishing port. Visits usually are only possible in summer. You can climb its forested paths to a picturesque lighthouse. Enjoy a lovely swim in the clear water!

per year 14.8 °C or 58.6 °F
January – 8.9° C or 48° F
February – 9.4° C or 48.9° F
March – 11.6° C or 52.9° F
April – 13° C or 55.4° F
May – 16.2° C or 61.2° F
June – 19° C or 66.2° F
July – 21° C or 69.8° F
August – 21.5° C or 70.7° F
September – 19.4° C or 66.9° F
October – 16.4° C or 61.5° F
November – 12° C or 53.6° F
December 9.6° C or 49.3° F
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