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Sevilla- Seville in English - is the capital of Andalusia. It is a top destination, visited by thousands of travellers every year. It is the tradition and modernity coming together that forms an irresistible attraction for visitors. Many Spanish students love Seville.

In this originally Roman city you will enjoy the sun and hot weather. The city is bursting with antique charm. Did you know that Sevilla is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites? The historical centre is defined by the colossal Gothic cathedral called La Giralda, in the middle of winding medieval lanes. The city’s favourite monument is the extraordinary Alcazar, at walking distance from the cathedral.

You can plan your trip around one of the many festivals held in the city. During the Holy Week (Semana Santa) you will enjoy daily processions throughout the city. The Spring Festival is famous for its dancing, singing, eating and wine and sherry tasting. The religious Virgen del Rocio celebration is also impressive to witness.

Because of the lovely temperature, it is possible to sit on one of the many cosy terraces until late at night to enjoy some tapas, beer or wine while chatting with the kind and friendly locals. In this city, people prefer having fun instead of sleeping!

Sevilla Spain Architecture



Real Alcazar de Sevilla

This beautiful medieval Islamic palace is a fusion of Spanish Christian and Moorish architecture in a breath-taking spectacle. This palace also featured as a location for the Game of the Thrones TV-series. A lot of people want to visit this place, so reserve your tickets in advance.


The Cathedral and Giralda

The Cathedral of Sevilla is one of the largest in the world. The central nave rises to an incredible 37 meters! The Giralda is a large and amazing minaret tower; you can climb up to have a great city view. Buy a combo ticket for both the cathedral and the tower as both are worth the visit.


Plaza de España

This square south of the centre, designed by Aníbal González, is located in the beautiful Parque de María Luisa. The building was completed for the Expo 1929 Iberoamericana. Its architecture, fountains, mosaics and bridges will amaze you.


Barrio Santa Cruz

The picturesque Barrio of Santa Cruz or Jewish quarter is located in the city centre. In this charming part of the city, you will find narrow winding streets leading to typical bars and restaurants. Don’t miss the Casa de Pilatos, a lovely palace dating from the 15th century.


Museo de Bellas Artes

The former Convento de la Merced is now the beautiful Museo de Bellas Artes, one of Spain’s best museums and free entrance for EU citizens. In fifteen exhibition rooms, you will observe Sevillian art from the Gothic period to the early 20th century. If you go on Sunday during the morning, visit the open-air market just outside.


Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol, also known as Setas de Sevilla is a colossal, modern and iconic wooden structure within a huge square with cafes and shops. This is a must-see site which will offer you amazing views from the top.